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How to plan your new kitchen?

Kitchen planning is a time consuming process, as the whole solution has to be thought through. Starting with the size of the room and ending with the decorative details.

We will give you a little advice that could be considered when planning a kitchen.

Kitchen planning is divided into 5 stages:

  1. Measuring
  2. Furniture planning
  3. Furniture design
  4. Choosing appliances
  5. Adding details

1. Measuring

The easiest way to start is to draw your first draft on a piece of paper.

Measure all walls and ceiling height, and mark the dimensions on the paper. It is best to make notes on graph paper, but squared paper is also suitable. Try to measure the dimensions as accurately as possible.

Be sure to mark the locations and dimensions of windows, doors, and other protrusions on the drawing. Also mark windows’ and doors’ opening direction. For windows, measure the height from the ground to the window sill.

Don’t forget to mark the locations of sewers, water pipes, electrical outlets and ventilation as accurately as possible. If necessary, we can shift them a little. 

2. Furniture planning

Once all the dimensions are on the paper, you can already experiment with what cabinets and different solutions you would like to see in your kitchen.

Now you can see the shape of your kitchen according to the drawing.

  • Straight kitchen
  • L- kitchen
  • U-kitchen
  • Kitchen with an island

The kitchen is usually planned based on the following needs:

  • Refrigerator cabinet – for small kitchens, avoid large refrigerators
  • Drawer box – for knives, forks, dishes
  • Cabinet / drawer – for larger dishes (pots, pans)
  • Hob with extractor solution
  • Washbasin cabinet with waste system
  • Dishwasher (if needed)
  • Microwave

It is important to plan the layout of the cabinets so that cooking is convenient, there is enough space and working around in the kitchen is as easy as possible.

Based on the figure below, it is possible to design the best solution.

Source: www.lifestylekitchensandbathrooms.co.uk

  • food storage – refrigerator and pantry.
  • storage of items – cutlery, glasses, dishes.
  • washing zone – the dishwasher is located exactly between the sink and the cupboard. Here you can conveniently place the dishes in the machine and later in the cupboard.
  • food preparation zone  cutlery, cutting boards, knives, spices. Here the main activity takes place during food preparation.
  • cooking zone – stove, oven, microwave, pots, pans could be located in this area.

If such division is not possible, then keep in mind two important things:

  • The sink could be in the center of the triangle formed by the refrigerator-sink-stove.
  • Place the refrigerator and high oven tower in the corners of the kitchen so that the work surfaces are not cut. At the same time, make sure that the open refrigerator door does not disturb anyone in the kitchen.

There are many different solutions that can be designed. If there is a corner in the kitchen, then there are several great corner solutions to fill the space.

Be sure to pay attention to the reliability of the mechanisms. An initially favorable solution may later prove to be of poor quality and many times more expensive. 

Also, think about whether you want open shelves or ceiling cabinets instead. Write down your wishes as accurately as possible and let the thoughts fly in your head. Even if the idea seems extremely complicated, don’t be afraid to bring it out.

Be sure to think about the height of the furniture. Your own height is important at the height of the work surface. In case of upper cabinets, ensure that the cabinets do not remain too high and things inside inaccessible. Plan the plugs in the kitchen so that there are enough of them. They can be nicely hidden inside the work surface.

3. Furniture design

Now that the locations and positions of the furniture are in place, the most exciting part begins – the selection and combination of materials, handles, colors and various accessories.

The choice of materials is very wide and most of the time the price of kitchen furniture depends on the price range of the selected materials. Thus, it is possible to find furniture in a very different price range with a similar technical solution, but with different selected materials.

If you like colors, don’t be afraid to use them in the kitchen. The black and white style is timeless and classic and brings a feeling of purity and peace to every home. Wood material brings warmth to the kitchen and it is beautiful to combine it with modern materials such as concrete and metal.

When choosing materials, make sure that the material of the cabinets is easy to clean and that the worktops are water and heat resistant.

4. Choosing appliances

The choice of appliances is very wide and versatile. Here comes the opportunity to compare different products and their technical data online.

When choosing appliances, keep in mind how important it is for you to have different functions.

In addition we recommend to look for how long does the manufacturer’s warranty applies.

5. Adding details

Once you have set up your kitchen drawing with the right furniture, then the last things to think about are the small details that will make your kitchen perfect.

For example, it is possible to add lighting to the drawer, cabinet, back wall and under the edge of the plinth.

A wide selection of drawer contents is also practical and beautiful. Upgrade the drawers with separators or hold the dishes in place with a non-slip mat.

The kitchen can also be unique with various wall shelves, paper holders and spice holders.

Now that you have outlined your thoughts on paper, feel free to contact us. Together we will find the most suitable solution for your future kitchen.

But if you’re not the best artist, don’t worry! Contact us anyway, tell us all your thoughts and wishes and we will make a 3D drawing for you!

Let’s meet in the kitchen and fulfill your kitchen dream!


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