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LHV hire-purchase makes it possible to pay for goods in instalments.

      • We will respond to your application within a few minutes.
      • Deposit starting from EUR 0.
      • Free early repayment.
      • No monthly administrative fees.

                                     Terms and Conditions of hire-purchase

                • The decision granting hire-purchase is valid for 90 days.
                • Interest starts from 15.9% on the loan balance.
                • Contract fee starting from EUR 9.90.
                • Length of the agreement 3-48 months.

Additional information


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The hire-purchase service is offered by AS LHV Finance. Review the terms and conditions at the vendor or the address lhv.ee/en/hire-purchase and consult our expert.

The monthly hire-purchase payment is 231,35 € and the annual percentage rate of charge is 23,24% on the following sample terms and conditions: cost of the product/service 4500 €, down-payment 0%, credit amount 4500 €, annual interest rate of 19,9% on the outstanding balance (fixed), contract fee 49,9 €, hire-purchase period of 24 months, with monthly annuity payments, in the total sum of 5552,41 € and the total sum of monthly payments being 5552,41 €.


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